October 27, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved the formatting of candidate messages
  • Improved the layout of the candidate resume viewer
  • Fixed an issue where a resume could occasionally not load

October 19, 2020

Notification hub

We added in-app notification features to provide visibility into all the hiring activity occurring within your organization. You can access the notification hub by clicking the bell icon in the upper right of the application, next to the dropdown user menu.

The notification hub displays notifications across all the jobs for which you are a member of the hiring team. Notifications can be filtered by notification type or job using the provided filters.

Other improvements

  • Improved the general readability of text in multiple areas of the app

October 1, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Added the ability to hide the publish dates for job posts on company job boards
  • Added animations for dropdowns and modals
  • Fixed an issue where previewing a long message template could potentially break the layout
  • Fixed an issue where newline characters in lists would sync incorrectly with Webflow CMS

September 27, 2020

Message templates

We added the ability to create message templates to aid in sending frequently used messages. Placeholders can be used within the template as a way to dynamically populate job or candidate specific information when the template is used to generate a message.

Other improvements

  • Improved the the workflow for updating email addresses

September 14, 2020

Candidate messaging

We added the ability to message candidates from within Wrk. There is a new Messages section under each candidate where hiring team members can send and receive messages with them. Sent messages are delivered to the candidate via email and their replies are displayed in-context, within the message feed.

Other improvements

  • Added the ability for users to upload profile pictures
  • Notification emails have been redesigned

September 4, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved the design of dropdown menus for increased usability
  • Improved how logo uploads are proccessed to better handle slow connections and large image sizes
  • Fixed an issue where an unneccessary email confirmation was being requested for invited team member accounts
  • Fixed an issue where blockquotes were renderering incorrectly in job posts

September 2, 2020

Hiring teams

You can now assign a team of users to individual jobs. It's a great way to split up your hiring efforts when looking to fill multiple roles at once.

Admin roles still have the ability to access every job, but Member roles can only see and interact with the jobs they have been assigned to. Users will also only receive new application notifications for jobs they are assigned to.

You can edit a job's hiring team from the new Hiring team section within Job setup.

Other improvements

  • Added the ability for Admins to filter their job list to view only their assigned jobs, all jobs, or archived jobs
  • Refined member role abilities

August 30, 2020

Candidate quick search

You can now search through all your active candidates. Just begin typing a candidate name into the seach field located at the top of every page and a dropdown will list the matching results. Click on a result, and you'll be navigated directly to their page.

The candidate quick search includes candidates from every active job that you have access to.

Other improvements

  • New application email notifications are now available for all team members; previously only account owners received notifications
  • Added the ability to opt out of email notifications
  • Added a link to this changelog in the user navigation dropdown

August 23, 2020

Improvements & fixes

  • Added support for multiple-choice questions on application forms
  • Added the ability to create and manage custom job categories
  • Added the ability to control the order that job categories are presented on company job boards
  • Added the ability to preview hidden job posts directly from the job list
  • Added the ability to set a remote job as 'remote only' or 'remote optional'
  • Changed all titles and labels to be sentence case
  • Fixed an issue where published job posts could no longer be previewed directly from the job list after a subscription became inactive

August 14, 2020

Publish jobs to a Webflow site

We added the ability to have your Wrk jobs be published to a Webflow site via their CMS features. As you create, edit, and remove jobs in Wrk, a Webflow CMS collection of jobs can be updated automatically.

You can configure this feature in the new Integrations section found within Account Settings. Full details on how to set everything up can be found in our write-up.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Moved the Google Analytics & Google Jobs features to the new Integrations section
  • Added the ability to initate a job to sync with all active distribution destinations
  • Fixed an issue where a blank subscription type was being shown for some users

August 1, 2020

Embed videos in job posts

We added the ability to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video within a Wrk job post. This feature can be found within each job's Setup section under Job Details. Just include a YouTube or Vimeo URL and save.

Videos appear in a large, dedicated section preceeding the job's description. It's a great way to drive additional interest in an opportunity or your company in general.

July 24, 2020

Distribute job posts to We Work Remotely

We added the ability to create a post on We Work Remotely directly from Wrk. This integration is our first of many planned integrations for job post distribution.

You can find the ability to create and manage We Work Remotely job posts within the new Distribution section that exists for each job in Wrk.

Additional information available in our announcement blog post.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an active subscriptions would not show for legacy plans

July 10, 2020

View past invoices

We added the ability to view past billing invoices within Wrk. They can be found on the Plan & Billing page, listed below the subscription options.

Other improvements

  • Additional improvements to the job board layout

July 5, 2020

Add additional content to company job boards

We added the ability for users to add additional page content to their company job board. This content will be shown below the job list. New content can be added within the Job Board settings page of the app. Markdown is supported for flexible yet powerful formatting.

Other improvements

  • Updated the company job board layout for allow for custom content
  • Additional improvements to the markdown editor styling

June 24, 2020

Hide company logo or name on job boards

Company job boards how have a setting to control what visuals display at the top of the page. The options are to show the company logo and name, show only the logo, or show only the name.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the handling of job location changes
  • Fixed a bug with the displaying of remote workday time restrictions
  • Improved the styling applied to syntax in the markdown editor

May 21, 2020

Support for Google Jobs

We added a Job Board setting that enables your published job posts to appear in Google Jobs. That way, when people run Google searchs for jobs at your company, your posts will appear in the results as part of a specialized jobs widget.

All this happens automatically when you publish. We call the Google Search Indexing API and your job will soon-after show up as a Google Search result.

Support for Google Analytics

We added a field to the Job Board settings where you can enter your Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID. This tracking ID will be added to every page of your Company Job Board to enable tracking of visitor activity through the Google Analytics dashboard.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Fixed the display of candidate LinkedIn URLs
  • Added a 'Share on LinkedIn' link to job posts
  • Changed the ordering of the navigation in Account Settings