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Get your hiring process up and running in minutes with Wrk’s fresh approach to recruitment software.

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A lightweight, simple, reasonably-priced hiring platform for startups has finally launched.

Samantha August Allen, COO at Clutch

The main features

Designed for simplicity.

Job board

Create a branded company job board as a centralized place to display all the open positions at your company. Each job has its own page and customizable application form.

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Utilize our powerful markdown editor to author hiring documentation and job board content faster than ever before.

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Applicant tracking

New applicants automatically show up in the hiring dashboard for review & management. You'll have complete visibility into how candidates are moving through your hiring process.

New features are

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Powerful integrations

Leveraging the industry's best.

We Work Remotely


Applications on tap. With just a click, you can display a job post to We Work Remotely's audience of 2.5 million job seekers. With our exclusive partnership, Wrk is the easiest way to create and manage posts on We Work Remotely.

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Google Jobs

With Wrk you can have your published job posts appear in Google Jobs. That way, when people run Google searches for jobs at your company, your posts will appear in the results as part of a specialized jobs widget.

Google Analytics

You can easily monitor the traffic to your Wrk company job board. Your Google Universal Tracking ID can be added to every page of your Company Job Board to enable tracking of visitor activity through the Google Analytics dashboard.

With more to come

A glimpse at our roadmap.

Custom hiring flows

Edit candidate groups to build out your own process.

Slack integration

Get new candidate updates in your Slack channels.

Candidate messaging

Send messages to candidates without leaving Wrk.

3rd party job boards

Easily crosspost and manage your jobs on other job sites.

1st shipped 7/24/2020

Webhook triggers

Have your own integrations triggered by activity on Wrk.

Video job posts

Add video to your job posts to capture more interest.

Shipped 7/31/2020

Sign in with Google

Sign in using your company G Suite or Google account.

Webflow CMS integration

Publish your job posts to a Webflow CMS collection.

Customized SEO

Edit the SEO copy for each job post for increased visibility.

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